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What Does A White Lightsaber Mean? – SabersGuru

The sound and evil aspects of the Force seldom employ the white lightsaber as a weapon. It’s a unique lightsaber. 

A typical white lightsaber will have some decoration on the handle or blade. This ornament could stand for either positive or destructive. 

So many fans have questioned, “what does a White lightsaber mean?” Research into that specific topic as the original trilogy and all the subsequent sagas had a lots of awesome lightsabers. 

In any case, let’s talk about some potential white lightsabers based on the first three films.

What Is The Meaning of White Lightsaber?

White Lightsaber Meaning

A white lightsaber typically denotes a figure on the “light side” instead of the “evil side.” 

White is associated with righteousness and purity, which may be why characters who use the light side of the Force are the only ones who use it to represent those who follow the Middle Path.

A white or light-color lightsaber is not as powerful as one customarily colored. 

The reason is that the people who make White Lightsabers are either weak in the Force or don’t have any lightsaber combat expertise. As powerful as other colored lightsabers, the lightsaber itself can be.

White lightsabers are made possible by the light side of the Force, which also makes Jedi more receptive to morally good thoughts and deeds. 

The usage of white lightsabers also depletes one’s emotion and willpower, making it tougher to give in to hate-based emotions such as fear or fury, which would drive one to embrace the dark side.

Although there have been numerous opportunities for a “Middle Way” to emerge due to the necessity to maintain the balance in the Force, the original canon trilogy sadly squandered these chances.

When Ahsoka Tano entered the room carrying two white lightsabers, everything changed in Clone Wars.

Since there aren’t many white lightsabers in the universe, their significance and the notion of the “middle road” they represent are only emphasized.

History of White Lightsaber

Ahsoka Tano started using a pair of green lightsabers when she was a young Padawan under Anakin Skywalker.

Ahsoka had her lightsabers taken away and was exiled from the Jedi Order after being accused of committing a murder she did not commit.

While the lightsabers were in the care of the Jedi, Anakin Skywalker looked after them for her and used the chance to upgrade them.

The upgraded lightsabers were given back to her after the real murderer was identified, although this time, they were blue.

Until she lost to Darth Maul in the Clone Wars, Ahsoka kept the blue lightsabers.

Maul caused a spacecraft carrying numerous clone troopers who Ahsoka refused to murder to crash into a moon as it was traveling.

Ahsoka acquired two new Kyber crystals to manufacture new lightsabers one year after the Clone Wars. She removed the crystals from the Sixth Brother’s lightsaber.

Before this, the Sixth Brother was informed that a Jedi had been seen on the isolated farming moon Raada.

He looked about and discovered Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka overheard the Kyber crystals in his double-bladed lightsaber singing to her as the two engaged in combat.

These Kyber crystals, extracted from a Sith blade, were crimson at first. Using the Force, Ahsoka could cleanse the crystals, turning them white.

Ahsoka used the white crystals to create two new bespoke lightsabers from leftover materials she had discovered during her travels.

She ultimately had the original white lightsabers—which were shoddy—remade. The new lightsabers had a more practical, curved, slim shape with more fabulous ornamentation.

As she was liberated from both the Jedi order and the dark side of the Force, white came to stand for her sovereignty. White is a neutral color and signifies a neutral attitude toward the Force.

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Who Was Using White Lightsabers?

Only Ahsoka is known to have used the white lightsaber in the canonical Star Wars universe. The number increases, though, if you delve into Star Wars Legends. 

Specifically, the white lightsabers that all Imperial Knights use. They are an alliance of force-users who support the Empire and the Empire-in-exile.

There is a playable white lightsaber with a black core blade in the Star Wars video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

When Did Ahsoka Get Her White Lightsabers?

When Did Ahsoka Get Her White Lightsabers?

Ahsoka visited Ilum a third time in quest of Kyber Crystals so she could reassemble a new set of sabers.

She needed to devise a backup plan to lead her to a location where she could mine these crystals safely while keeping in mind that the Empire was still after her.

She turned to the Force’s compass, expressing her desire for it to lead her on her journey in a secure manner.

She was directed to Raada after hearing her crystals singing music calling out to her. According to CBR, she encountered the Sixth Brother while on her mission.

Ahsoka used the Force to use her opponent’s lightsaber’s crystals to her advantage throughout the fight, and she eventually killed the Inquisitor.

Even though they were badly in need of cleansing, Ahsoka’s connection to the crystals was too deep for her to leave them alone.

Why Are Ahsoka Tano’s Lightsabers White?

The Torguta created companion sabers that ignite in a white flame after purging the crystals of impurities and endowing them with the Light Side of the Force.

We’ve already mentioned how Ahsoka’s attempt to make lightsabers out of stolen kyber crystals resulted in their transformation from red (the Sith hue) to white. This wasn’t a chance occurrence.

Following the Clone Wars, Ahsoka was expelled from the Jedi Order. Hence she was unable to use the traditional blue lightsaber.

The Red lightsaber was also out of the question because she was free of the dark side’s corrupting influence.

She was, in fact, impartial toward both sides despite having sympathy for the Jedi cause.

The kyber crystals were effectively cleansed during the making process, giving them a tint that reflected her status as an independent person.

This is the origin story of Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber and what the white lightsaber stands for as a force for good that is unencumbered by the constraints and limitations of bureaucracy.

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Why Did Ahsoka Tano Use White Lightsabers?

Why Did Ahsoka Tano Use White Lightsabers?

Ahsoka Tano, who first appeared in the canon as a young Jedi student (Padawan) under Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, is mainly associated with white lightsabers.

In her debut role, Ahsoka assisted Anakin in leading a Republic clone army to victory over an opposition droid army on Christophsis and subsequently in rescuing Rotta, Jabba the Hutt’s son, who had been abducted and also a fat star wars character.

Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber was initially red, but it later changed to two green lightsabers, one somewhat shorter. Throughout the Clone Wars, Ahsoka’s dual green lightsabers were a great help to her.

How did Ahsoka adapt to using white blades, then? After the Clone Wars, Ahsoka broke off her relationship with the Jedi Order and was left without her regular weapon.

She met the Sixth Brother, a member of the Inquisitorius, during a rebellion on the farming moon Raada, and she outdueled him to victory.

Ahsoka managed to make two completely new lightsabers using his kyber crystals. The red crystals were changed from red to white while making the blades, which meant that the blades would only be white in the future.

To the best of our current knowledge, that incident serves as the starting point for the silver or white lightsaber in the Star Wars world.

Ahsoka Tano supported the insurrectionists on the cargo vessel “the Ghost” as they fought the advancing Galactic Empire fourteen years after the Jedi Order was destroyed. Ahsoka Tano used two white lightsabers.

She first contributed to the cause as an undercover spy (codenamed Fulcrum). 

Subsequently, she gave the rebels crucial leadership in their fight against Darth Vader, who was later identified—to her shock—as the former Jedi Knight she had been an apprentice to.

Ahsoka practices Shien, the anti-blaster lightsaber form.

How Is a White Lightsaber Made?

The same techniques used to create other lightsabers in the Star Wars universe are used to make white lightsabers. 

The Force is concentrated into the lightsaber’s blade by use of a kyber crystal, which also powers it. The white blades are identical to a standard lightsaber and have no unique qualities.

What makes a white lightsaber in the Star Wars universe so unique and rare?

The blade’s color is the trustworthy source of difficulty, not the lightsaber itself, which is relatively easy to make. 

This is because, in contrast to a white crystal, other colors, such as blue, green, or even purple, cannot be found in nature.

Consequently, a naturally occurring kyber crystal that generates a white blade has never been discovered throughout the Galaxy’s history, the Jedi’s history, or the Sith’s history.

Then again, where do white Kyber crystals originate? The size and shape of white crystals are the same as those of a typical kyber crystal. 

At some point in its existence, a white Kyber crystal is identical to a regular blue or green Kyber crystal.

When a Jedi is slain, and his kyber crystal is taken by a Dark Side practitioner, or when a Sith finds a kyber crystal naturally, the finder usually intends to create their lightsaber.

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The user accomplishes this by manipulating the crystal to their desires and causing it to “bleed” using the Dark Side of the Force.

Instead of emitting the usual light side hues, this method makes the lightsaber produce a red blade. 

The complete opposite of this process results in the crystallization of a white lightsaber.

After discovering a red lightsaber crystal, a light side user will use the Force to heal the kyber crystal. This stops the crystal from “bleeding” and purifies it.

The now-purified crystal eventually emits a white blade to demonstrate that it has been repaired.

Facts about White Lightsabers

Some of the most intriguing facts about White Lightsabers are:

  • All lightsabers were initially intended to discharge white lightsaber blades in the first Star Wars film. 
  • Characters are shown wielding white lightsabers in early Ralph McQuarrie concept art for Star Wars (1977).
  • The red-bladed Inquisitor lightsaber of the Sixth Brother is used to make the crystals for Ahsoka Tano’s white lightsabers.
  • Tano expelled the darkness from the darkened crystals, causing her lightsabers to produce white blades instead of red ones.
  • White lightsabers were carried by a group of Force-users known as the Imperial Knights, who were devoted to the Galactic Empire and eventually the Empire-in-exile.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic offers the option of using a white lightsaber with a black core.

Where We See The White Lightsaber

Star Wars Rebels is where the white lightsaber makes its debut. Ahsoka Tano is revealed to be Fulcrum, a Rebel informant, in the season one finale. 

The white lightsaber has made numerous additional appearances in Star Wars Rebels since that episode.

Additionally, the white lightsaber can be seen in the following:

  • Galaxy of Heroes: Star Wars
  • Force Arena, a Star Wars game
  • Ahsoka
  • Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader
  • Forces of Destiny (Star Wars)
  • The Star Wars Rebels Cinestory Comic “Maul”
  • The Mandalorian

Is A white lightsaber Rare?

We can confidently state that the white lightsaber is the most unique color ever. This is demonstrated by the fact that Ahsoka Tano is the only person to have ever used this blade color in the known history of the Galaxy.

Who Among the Jedi Uses A White Lightsaber?

The white lightsaber is known to only belong to Ahsoka Tano, a former Jedi Padawan who participated in the Galactic Empire’s civil war.

Historically, the white lightsaber has only ever been used by Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka had two white lightsabers—not just one. When she discovered her kyber crystal, she obtained the white lightsaber.


Think the white lightsaber is cool? It perfectly captures Ahsoka’s transition as a person between the light and dark parts of the Force.

In conclusion, it is safe to claim that the white lightsaber is, without a doubt, the most unique color of the lightsaber ever.

This is demonstrated by the fact that Ahsoka Tano is the only person to have ever used this blade color in the known history of the Galaxy.

Due to all of this, Grey Jedi are as uncommon as their white lightsabers.

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